Konstantin Dolgov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy of the Russian Federation, held a round table on the topic "Industrial clusters and industrial mortgages as mechanisms to ensure the technological sovereignty of the Russian Federation". 

The participants of the event discussed the results of the implementation of the industrial mortgage program and the prospects for the development of the instrument, the effectiveness of mechanisms to stimulate industrial cooperation, as well as the adaptation and application of support measures in new regions of Russia. 

In his speech, Konstantin Dolgov noted the importance of industrial mortgage instruments and the new mode of operation of industrial clusters, which reduced the fiscal and administrative burden on resident companies to expand the technological capabilities of the Russian economy, innovative development of the country. 

Mikhail Labudin, Director of the Association of Clusters, Technoparks and SEZS of Russia, presented the results of a survey conducted in June-July 2023 of participants in industrial clusters – more than 150 companies. According to the respondents, in order to ensure long-term demand for new types of innovative products produced in industrial clusters, it is necessary to develop a support mechanism that will allow it to be sold at a discount.

"For industrial mortgages, we propose the following measures: an increase in the amount of concessional loans to 1.5 billion rubles, an increase in the term of concessional loans to 10 years and a reduction in the interest rate for enterprises in regions with an average response rate of up to 3%," comments the director of the Association. 

Mikhail Labudin also made proposals on industrial clusters: reducing the minimum loan amount from 2 billion rubles. up to 100 million rubles and an increase in the loan term up to 10 years for industrial cluster participants, an increase in the amount of subsidies for industrial cluster participants under RF PP No. 41 from 150 to 300 million rubles with an expansion of the list of reimbursable expenses, as well as the extension of this measure to manufacturers of industrial products, the exclusion of the condition of the presence of federal SPIC 1.0 for obtaining preferences for the payment of insurance premiums participants of the industrial cluster. 

All proposals received a positive response from the Committee.