The current trend is toward responsible business conduct. Around the world we see how incentives and conditions are being created to reorient capital flows towards financing projects that meet the principles of sustainable development - ESG: they include a responsible attitude to the environment, high social responsibility and high-quality corporate governance. 

These approaches make it possible to increase the investment attractiveness of sites and are an essential condition for successful development: other things being equal, investors will invest in such projects. ESG standards affect the ability of companies to create long-term value and thereby move from short-term to long-term business behavior, ensuring their competitiveness. 

To ensure the effective and long-term development of the Association and increase the investment attractiveness of infrastructure sites, ACTP RF adopted the ESG Sustainable Development Policy. The policy is based on the main approaches and principles in the field of sustainable development, defined by international standards on ESG and sustainable development, legislative and ethical standards of the Russian Federation. 

In addition, ACTP RF, being a pioneer and leader in the development and implementation of ESG standards at infrastructure sites in Russia and the CIS countries, together with partners offers its expertise and assistance, as well as educational programs for everyone who wants to start implementing ESG standards at their sites. 

If you are interested in the development and implementation of ESG standards in your company, you can contact Mikhail Aleksandrovich Labudin, First Deputy Director of ACTP RF, tel: +7 (499) 753-31-61, e-mail: