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Preview: Omsky Biocluster will participate in BIAT

For the second year in a row, the Association for the Development of Clusters and Technology Parks of Russia, within the framework of cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency (Moscow Branch), has organized a business mission to Italy to participate in the Innovation And High Technology Lab 2019.

The BIAT - Innovation and High Technology Lab, funded under the Cohesion Action Plan of the Economic Development Ministry, is an initiative designed to enable the enterprises and research systems of South Italy Regions – Abruzzo, Molise, Sardinia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Apulia and Sicily - to express their full potential for innovation and excellence. The event is organised by the Italian Trade Agency in collaboration with the relevant Regional Governments and the city of Bari. BIAT aims to promote the placing on the market and/or the transfer of innovative products and services or high technology and intangible assets (patents in particular) by matching commercial and technology supply and demand between startups, innovative SMEs, business networks, universities, technology parks and foreign counterparts.

Pier Paolo Celeste, Director of the Italian Trade Agency (Moscow Branch), told the Omsky Biocluster Press Service about the upcoming business mission:

"Over the past years, the trend towards the development of innovations and industrial production in the new modern version 4.0, rapidly growing in Russia. Therefore, the Italian Trade Agency is trying to intensify the rapprochement of the two ecosystems as another area of ​​exchange of business relations between Rome and Moscow, because the cooperation of our countries in the past few decades has already produced many outstanding results. We are very pleased that Dmitry RomanenkoOmsky Biocluster CEO will take part in the BIAT this year and are confident that the meetings at the BIAT will provide excellent opportunities for Omsky Biocluster and the entire Russian delegation to get acquainted with the high quality of innovative Italian products."